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Choosing The Right Bed And Mattress

The bedroom is, the most personal room in our house, a place where you can indulge your own tastes and create a private sanctuary. The bed, of course, is the main element and will dictate the style of the room. Corstorphine Bed Centre like to keep ahead of trends and are always striving to provide new designs to give people a broad spectrum from which to choose, whether a simple 3ft divan base or an elaborate leather king size bed.

Choosing a bed is an important decision and can affect both your sleeping and waking hours. Our beds are made to last, so your choice should be something that you know you can live with and a style that will stand the test of time. We always try to help people make an informed decision, taking into account how the bedroom is used, and the design statement they wish to make. The mattress is an equally important decision because this will be a significant health factor for many years.

The bed contributes to the overall atmosphere of the bedroom, but there are many other elements to consider. Over the years we have often been asked to create a whole bedroom design and so have introduced complimentary lines, including, furniture, bed linen and accessories. Each element plays a part in the ultimate goal of a good night's sleep.

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