Mattress Maintenance Tips & Tricks

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Here are some routine maintenance tips that should ensure your mattress lasts for several years and provides you with hours of restful sleep.


Maintain Your Mattress

We are frequently asked by customers whether they should do anything to care for their mattress. The most common know way to maintain your mattress is by flipping and turning it regularly. This is for traditional sprung mattresses, whereas with memory foam and hybrid foam mattresses; this is not required due to the way they're constructed.


Should I Care For My Mattress?

Given the fact that we use our mattress every night for several hours and that we already know how important a good night sleep is to our life it makes good sense that we should look after it. 


A lack of care can cause the mattress to age and develop faults prematurely. If we don't clean our mattress, it could produce inconsistencies on the surface that causes the mattress to lag or lower in random areas.


What about Latex Mattresses?

If you've bought a solid core latex mattress that is two sided, we always recommend our customers to flip and rotate it once per month during the first 12 months and then every two months after that. By doing this, we keep the mattress more evenly balanced.


Don't Turn Memory Foam Mattresses

The good thing about memory foam mattresses is that you don't need to turn or flip them over like more traditional mattresses. We do advise our customers to rotate or spin their memory foam mattress at least every two months. This ensures that the mattress wear is distributed evenly.


King Size Mattress

Larger mattresses such as king size often develop what is known as the 'Virgin Mattress Syndrome.' This occurs when the centre of the mattress develops a sag or ridge in the middle and is more often caused by people sleeping on the side of the bed and leaving the heart of the mattress underused. This causes the sides of the mattress to get more wear at the sides. To eliminate this, regular rotation and turning are advised. This is not a failure in the mattress construction but more of an aesthetic issue.


Liquids And Your Mattress

If a mattress is in contact with any moisture, it is advisable to dry it immediately with towel or cloth and then leave to dry naturally at room temperature. Do not use any heat source as this can damage the mattress materials. 

 cleaning-mattress   mattress-protector

Never use any cleaning agent or detergent on your mattress. These can inhibit the mattress foam and cause lasting damage.


Protecting Your Mattress

We advise all our customers to purchase a mattress protector. This is simply a fitted sheet with padding that helps protect your mattress from natural factors such as sweat and dead skin and help protect from accidents. Many mattress protectors can be washed easily and can be disposed of without issue.



Splits or Tears In Mattresses

Never use knives or scissors when in proximity to your mattress. Not only will this severely damage your mattress and reduce its lifespan but your guarantee will be immediately void.


In Summary

Turn and rotate your mattress regularly and dry immediately when any moisture is in contact with your mattress.

And have sweet dreams!

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