Should I Replace My Mattress?

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Maybe you’re wondering if you may possibly be slipping towards a depression. It could be absolutely conceivable all these symptoms may be arising from a different source, but there's a chance you should think about before trying anything else: Your mattress.

Most people imagine that a mattress is for life and never contemplate replacing it unless there's a visible problem with it. You may think that your old mattress is perfect for you and you'd never think of connecting your daytime health issues with your good old mattress. Let's be clear that an old mattress can affect both your physical and mental health.

There is a wide range of causes you might not be achieving satisfactory sleep. What you consume, the amount you drink and your activities before bed can easily all have a harmful impact on your night's sleep. Coffee and tea before bedtime is a proven reason, but also any liquids can result in issues, making a possible scenario in which you require to rise at night to go to the toilet.


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The way you arrange your bedroom can result in a lack of sleep. There are certain items you should not have in your bedroom for a good night's sleep. Any electronic device can encourage your brain to be more alert, therefore making it harder to get a good night's sleep.  One of the biggest causes of sleep disorder in the UK is a poor and defective mattress. By replacing your mattress every few years you can guarantee that this is not the source of your sleep issues.
Of Course, the most important thing that can help you get a good nights sleep is a good quality mattress. Corstorphine Bed Centre offers free help and advice on how you can select a mattress that is perfect for your individual needs. Call us on 0131334 5802 or visit our showroom in Edinburgh.

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