Small Bedroom: How To Make Every Inch Count

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Room sizes seem to getting smaller every year with house builders trying to get as much into per m2 as possible. It's therefore becoming important that we make use of every part of our homes in terms of storage and functionality. Finding ideas to help in our organisational endeavours can be difficult. Here are a few to get you started.

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For most people their bedroom is a place of refuge from the work, stress, and tensions of everyday life. A bedroom is used not only for sleeping and relaxation, but also for a couple to spend some time together. Additionally, most homes have the clothes closet or wardrobe located in the bedroom. The bedroom is also the place where people read, watch their favorite TV programs, or listen to music as they unwind before falling asleep.  

With some creative storage ideas and a little imagination we can transform a relatively small bedroom into something quite impressive. This can also be done on a limited budget and quick turnaround. If you'd like even more funky ideas, have a look at what we've collected below.

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When buying or building a house, financial and other considerations often require compromises to be made regarding room size. A common result of this is that many homes have a small bedroom. A bedroom is not just for sleeping in – it is used for reading, working, watching TV, and a host of other things. While you may be able to do all these things in a small bedroom, the feeling of being crammed in a small space can lead to feeling of claustrophobia and the loss of the comfort and relaxation that a bedroom should provide.    
Small bedrooms needn't be dark, stuffy and disorganised. With a little imagination and time any room can be transformed into your perfect space. Corstorphine Bed Centre stock some of the UK's top bed and mattress brands and are always on hand to provide help and advice with whatever you require.

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