Is a Tempur Mattress the right mattress for you?

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Tempur ® It's a sensitive temperature stress eliminating product.

So what is Tempur®?

Tempur-Pedic International Inc is the company who created the so-called memory foam. Thanks to their strong advertising and also promotion brought the globe's focus on the advantages of this 'pressure easing material'. Although the product was established by NASA in the 1970s, it wasn't till the early 90s, that Tempur took it upon themselves to release this Space Foam Innovation for the residential market.
Tempur® has become the biggest bed firm on the planet after buying Sealy in September 2012 and are now called Tempur-Sealy.

Is Tempur the right mattress for you?

Although the firm is recognised as the best manufacturer of mattresses, you’ll find that not everybody would choose one.
Through our selling experience, we’ve heard a common statement “memory foam mattresses make you warmer”. One of the reasons people chooses memory foam over spring mattresses is because the relieving pressure power of the foam. The “mechanism” behind memory foam is based on moulding through heat. Tempur mattresses are made with a denser foam that requires the extra heat to work. And that’s why it might not appeal to everybody.

What’s The Cost?

One of the best selling points of Tempur-Sealy mattresses is the variety of designs and prices the firm offers. To make it easier for the consumer to choose the appropriate mattress, the firm has recently gone through a rebranding process and simplified their categories. You can now choose between 3 ranges, original, cloud and sensations all with different heights.
Prices vary between £1400 and £1800 depending on the retailer.

Alternatives to Tempur mattress

Before you fully commit to a Tempur mattress, there are some alternatives you could try.
You could consider a Latex mattress (from £399), pocket springs mattress (from £299) or memory foam toppers (from £99).

Why don’t you come along today and let our expert team guide you on your mattress choice to make sure you pick the right one for you.

Have sweet dreams!


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