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Numerous mattress brand names belong to the same holding or investment organisation and attempting to find out who operates everything has grown to be an enjoyable investigation for Corstorphine Bed Centre.

Mattress Companies

Firstly, as mattress development techniques improve, it has become noticeable that the internal components of various mattresses are similar but offered under different brand brands and, of course, prices. Knowing this provides you with the opportunity to be able to identify similar specs and selecting the manufacturer that offers the best value for money mattress.

We are all acquainted with the scenario of trainers where the nagging power of young people finds us paying more than four or five times the real value just for a designer brand. Buying a mattress solely based on a brand label is just as ludicrous.

The components used in all mattresses primarily are supplied from some specialised suppliers all manufacturers use these self-same manufacturers whether you have come across them or not.


Some Names

Looking at the makeup of the business listed below, it does display some rather obvious questions. Namely, if Steinhoff possesses the Staples Brand, the Myers Brand, the Dunlopillo Brand, etc. Exactly why are they not featured inside the stores they manage?

Consider Bensons for example Oct 2016 a browse for Myers no products found. A search for Staples no products found. A look for Dunlopillo only two models. Apart from a couple of brands from the Silentnight Group, Sealy and Silentnight, the Bensons site seems to be focused on the Sleepmaster brand and the Sensaform brand.

steinhoff group

Brand names that are only found in Benson’s stores. Interesting!

The Silentnight Group is additionally an interesting company to study. Clearly, they do not have their own stores and partner up with numerous high street notables such as Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury, Carpetright and countless independents. Additionally, as detailed on this site, there are so many combinations of spring and upholstery products you can put together to significantly differentiate one mattress from another.

So why can there be so many Silentnight models available with differing model titles that can be realistically judged to be entirely and notably different?



The size of the mattress industry is extremely large. In the UK, there are well over a hundred bed and mattress producers some big and some smaller, many of whom are based in the Yorkshire area, recognised to be the mattress capital of the country. With this in mind, it gets to be a challenging task attempting to differentiate the manufacturers who are worthy investigating and those who just churn out cheap mattresses for the low-end market.

When you make a decision to ‘buy a new mattress’ we are conscious that as the investment is a once in a few years decision you will have no idea of wherever or how to begin your search. The manufacturers detailed next are considered to be the main suppliers within the trade and should be made use of as a starting place in your research. As we said at the start, knowing which brand names belong to whom will help in this search as numerous companies may not want you to know this.

Corstorphine bed Centre Aztec Bed


Which bed company owns which mattress brands?

Hilding Anders Group Sweden
Backed by British private equity group Candover
Jensens Beds – Hilding Anders
Ikea Own Label – TBC
Horatio Myers

Silentnight Group
Now in the hands of new US owner, private equity firm HIG
Silentnight – Silentnight Group
Layezee – Silentnight Group
Sealy UK – Silentnight Group – Licensed
Pocket Spring Bed Company – Silentnight Group
Rest Assured – Silentnight Group
Stearns and Foster – Silentnight Group

Harrison Spinks Ltd Spinko Ltd
Somnus – Harrison Spinks Beds
Harrison – Harrison Spinks Beds
Spink and Edgar – Harrison Spinks Beds
John Lewis Own label – Harrison Spinks Beds -[ Plus others ]

Sun European [Private Equity Group]
ScS [95 Stores] – Online: Sleep Centre Branding
Dreams – As of May 2013

Highgate Beds Ltd UK
Healthopaedic – Highgate Beds
Sleepwise – Highgate Beds
Sleeping Comfort – Highgate Beds
Sleepmode – Highgate Beds

Simmons Group- Parent Company – Cauval Industries [fr]
Simmons – Simmons Group
Sleepeeze – Simmons Group
Cumfilux – Simmons Group
Nestledown – Simmons Group

Steinhoff UK International Holdings Ltd
Homestyle Operations Ltd
JW Carpenter Ltd
Relyon [Brand] Steinhoff
Dunlopillo [Brand] – Bought from Hilding Anders April 2013
Slumberland [Brand] – Bought from Hilding Anders April 2013
Horatio Myers [Brand] – Bought from Hilding Anders April 2013
Staples [Brand] – Bought from Hilding Anders April 2013
Sprung Slumber [Brand] TBC- Steinhoff

Bensons for Beds Homestyle Operations
Sleepmasters Steinhoff – Rebranded as Bensons For Beds [Jan 2012
The Bed Shed Steinhoff – Rebranded as Bensons For Beds – Jan 2012
Harveys Homestyle Operations / Steinhoff International [tbc]
Cargo Homestyle Operations / JW Carpenter
Homestyle Homestyle Operations / JW Carpenter
Reid Furniture Steinhoff

Keen and Toms Holdings Ltd
Hypnos Royal warrant holder

Millbrook Beds Ltd
The Handmade Bed Company For Furniture Village / Selfridges etc

Flex Equipos De Descanso, S.A.
Vi-Spring Ltd our Artisan Bespoke is a great ViSpring Alternative
And So To Bed
ES Kluft and Co – 51 share as of June 2013

Airsprung Furniture Group Plc
Gainsborough Beds
Hush Sleep Collection
Gainsborough Sofa Beds
Swanglen Furnishings Bought out of admin June 13
Cavendish Upholstery
Airofreem Foam Supplier
King Koil
Kaymed SleepSpa
Kaymed Wellbeing
Kaymed Foam

Breasley Consumer Products Ltd UK
Manufacturers for many own label retailers
Naked Beds

Healthbeds –Family owned Smeaton family

Burgess Beds – Bespoke manufacturer

Savoir Beds – Exclusive Bespoke manufacturer

GNG Group



Dream Machine

Please Note: This is not a full and detailed list, and all subsidiaries may not be provided. Any mistakes or omission will be rectified as soon as possible upon obtaining instruction. Please address all correspondence to

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